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me and my friend own a small business that sells bags and pillowcases that we personalize. when we're working at it, she gets really rude! some people have offered to pay more for our bags/pillowcases than we offer, so right when she heard that, she made everyone who offered more the bad or pillowcase. since she made the item, she got ALL the money from it. and, when I make something, she demands she works on it, too. that means she gets half of the profit from that item. and the end of the day, she made 20.00 and I made 3.00. and she told me it's fair -_- what should I do?

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Posted over 4 years ago

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You should talk to her about it calmly and maturely, and if she doesn't change maybe get a parent involved. You have a right to some of that money.

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