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My ex friend is a nightmare

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Posted over 4 years ago

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Dear Dish-It,
my ex friend Elizabeth  used to be the meanest person ever. She pulled my arm, almost dislocated my shoulder, got me in lots of trouble for no reason, and  said mean things to me and others.
now, she's doing what she did to me to my BF (Best Friend), Naveena. Naveena is scared of her, like I used to be. So I'm trying to help her, but she's not taking my advice!
we also have this competition and Elizabeth always trys to control everything and the teachers let her in a way. I really don't want her to be leader, anyone but her! She yells at everyone. She yelled at me today, when Naveena was softly calling my name. She yelled it, and almost got me in lots of trouble!

If you have any advice (I know you do), please post it quickly.

I will not change. No one can change me but I.
A lot of things are different about me and society, but i really don't care what you say. No one but i can change me.

Posted over 4 years ago

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I'm so not the person to be giving advice but hey first time for everything.i used to be a horrible person myself and I kept losing my friends but that made it worse. Every-time I lost a friend I felt like I had to rule and be in control to have friends but there were about 2 people that no matter how mean I was they were allways nice to me and that made me realise that I didn't have to rule.

if you try to be nice to this girl and forgive her however hard that May be she might turn herself around.its never nice to be lonely,this person does sound really mean but I think you should try to kill her with kindness 


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