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My ex best friend best friend

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Posted almost 4 years ago

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My ex best friend new best friend is being really mean to me. It started at school about a month before we finished for summer she would whack me with her chair when she was carrying it. Meaning she walked into me and  hit me with It , making it look like an accident she done it about three times a day , it really hurts. Then she started barging into me making me trip up and nearly fall. I do have bruises on my legs and I have no idea how I got them so I do think It was the chair. Now she's talking about me beind my back. My friend went to the park and Jodie was there with my ex best friend and then Jodie walked up to my friend  and said horrible things about me. I hate her so much. I don't understand  why she has to hurt me . She already is best friends with. My ex best friend who I really miss. That's punishment enough. I have became quite close to my  ex best friend so I  thinks she was/is jealous of that. But  my ex best friend and I have kinda of stopped talking so Jodie's sorted that out. But is she jealous ? What is it she wants ? What should I do ?
thanks x


Posted almost 4 years ago

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I would tell her to stop and if she doesnt tell an adult. People can be mean for no reason they just do it just to do it. All you can do is tell her to stop or tell an adult. The bruises are evidence shes being mean so is your friend.

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