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ok i have this GREAT friend. Actually he's my bf but we use to be GREAT friends. His name is Russell. i just HAD to tell someone how much i feel about him. He's more of a friend then anyone i know. he tries his hardest to be with me. When we just met each other i was really upset and slit my wrist and because of that he cut himself in the side and told me he would commit suicide for me as long as i was happy and safe. ISN'T THAT SO SWEET???????? and we had JUST met that day. That showed me that he was the one u know? From then on he was always there and he told me this guy was bad news and it turned out he was. it's like having a gardian angle with me at all times. And when i talk to him i feel so safe. Does anybody have a friend like that? or does anyone know how i feel cuz if so i'd LOVE to talk to u about it if u'd like. Thankx for listening! if you're actually reading the whole thing it means you aren't a rude person and you're nice enough to take the time and listen to me ramble on about someone u don't know lol. thankx again.


"Growing up leads to growing old and then to dying
And dying to me don''t sound like all that much fun." - John Mellencamp

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your welcome

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chels its beth I know how u feel and I have a bf lik that he''s super sweet on the outside and dig deeper still sweet! I LOVE U CALLUM!!!

i''ve maturedd,,
i''m living a messed up life.
i''m confusingg,,
i dunno where i am.
my friends know who they are,,
the day you''re born you begin to die.
the brave dont live forever but the cautious dont live at all.

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