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Ok... it was on the last day of school in language.
His name was Jojo. The whole school year he was mean to me made fun of my weight, emmbarresed me in front of the whole class and made me want to kill him on a daily basses.
So that day we could bring a game to school. I thought i would be nice to Jojo. I asked him if he would like to play with the rest of the group.He said yes. The whole time he was playing he was bossing ppl around.

And i told him that if he kept doing it i was going to kick him out.he kept doing it(of course). So i told him to please go find another game to play. But he ingored me. So i said it agian. He did not pay attintion. So i said it a third time getting annoyed by how stupid Jojo is.So we got in a huge fight. Then Kathleen one of my best friends. Shushed everyone. Well the teacher had the nerve to make me sit down even when the whole class told her that it was Jojo''s fault and not mine (we werre so loud that the whole class could hear us.). So do i have the right to kill Jojo?

He lives in the apartemes next to my house......

every time i see him my heart goes BOOM BOOM BOOM

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Don''t kill him! I know sometimes when people are being mean to you you want to do something mean to them, but don''t! Just try talking to that bully and tell him to shush, because he has no right on making fun of you, specially of your weight. Stand up to him, NOW! When he starts bugging you, just ignore him, shrug it off, and walk away. Arm yourself with a comeback: "How would you feel if I did that to you?" And if he persists, tell someone pronto! Bullies are everywhere, so don''t worry, you are not the only one with this problem ;o)

Xx NatureGirl xX

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Killing him might not be a great idea. Yes, I know how that feels. I feel like you sometimes but Im not overweight. This whole topic that u wrote is kinda harsh. but don''t kill him for both of you''r sakes!!! Thanks for the news though! p.s. do NOT let him bother you!!

Luv ya! -Elli

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