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January, 2007
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last year i started middle school and there was a lot of new people there. my best friend found some new friends , my other best friend started hangin with the "popular crowd" and became really mean and i started hangin with some uhh... "punks" i guess you would call i dont have a best friend just a group of people i hang out with- we arent a clique or anything. my old best friend started hangin out with this guy that was really mean to me and she started ignoring me. she told me i was just jealousx ha ha yea right)!! i talked to her once this summer and that was it- i want her back but we are so different now and i really want to keep my new friends!! how do i do this??

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talk to her and work things out


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January, 2007
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the same thing is happening to me this year!!! my friends are in all the same classes together and they say to me they don''t like eachother and i can tell that they always talk about me!!!!but i don''t even have ne friends 2 hang out with!!!!!!!

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