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Dear Dish-It

still need help

Posted By:
axelandra21494 Lock
Member since:
January 2007

Posts: 224
Posted about 11 years ago
i wrote this before, but i''m saying it again because i really want more help. i appreciate if you already wrote something, but otherwise, please, help.

I don''t know what to do...i might be depressed. but i can''t tell. i''ve tried to cut myself a few times but stopped, only because the tip wasn''t sharp enough.

i have no friends, they all left me...

my sister left for boarding school...

my parents fight, constantly...

my house is falling a part, we might sell it...

teachers used to favor me so everyone hated me, haven''t gotten over that yet...

i now don''t like to ice skate too much, one of my passions...

i feel like i''m begging for attention...

i''m tired and hate eating...

completing another day seems like a responsibility...

my parents scold me all the time, even when nothing is wrong...

i''m the evil middle child who gets into so much trouble...

i''m way too scared to tell an adult...

i don''t know what to do, i don''t want to die, i just feel like hurting myself might help, make mercy on me...who knows. all i know is that i need advice, please, respond.



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Posted By:
~_~Princess~_~-l Lock
Member since:
January 2007

Posts: 424
Posted about 11 years ago
go back to your old ones and read what ppl put there! we told you what to do!


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