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Dear Dish-It


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sweet_thang001 Lock
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January, 2007
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He''s sweet and caring and a true gentlemen.  He protects me and stands up for me when I need help.  He''s my friends ex.  I love him a lot..more like brother and sisterly love..I can''t ever picture us dating or anything. 
There''s just a few things about him:
-he''s in a gang
-he was in house arrest last year
-4 years ago he did drugs
-he''s 2 years older than me

-he''s my new best friend

He transferred to my school this year.  This is his 4th or 5th school he''s been to.  As soon as I met him I liked him but I was really shy.  All of my friends reject him and ignore him just because of his past.  I feel bad for him cuz he''s got a bad life.. His older brother does drugs..he doesn''t have the greatest house..half the people he meets wont give him a chance because of his past.. all of his peers are always trying to push him back into drugs and alchohol.   He reminds me of a puppy that''s been kicked one too many times. 


He knows I have a boyfriend so he doesn''t try anything with me..but he trusts me.  He confides in me.  He tells me things no one else knows.  My parents think he''s okay..but his past scares him.  I just feel like I should be there for him.  I''m just about all he has but I don''t know for sure..  I''ve helped him with a drinking issue he had and I give him advice when he needs it. 
I dont know exactly what to do..because he''s my friend..but he''s in a GANG..he did DRUGS..hes the FIRST friend I''ve ever really had that''s OLDER than me.  Idk what to do exactly.


If you don''t stand behind our troops feel free to stand if front of them

--Do you ever just wish you could hear the sirens of the ambulance--Wake up in the emergency room and hear the doctors say "She isn''t going to make it"--Just so you could find out who REALLY cares about you?!--

if you see someone without a smile give them yours smile

I think I''m afraid to be happy because whenever I''m too happy something bad always happens

some people thing it''s
holding on that makes one strong but
sometimes it''s letting go

No smile
is more beautiful
than one that has struggled through the tear

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CoolcatNBB Lock
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March, 2007
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Keep helping him if your the only thing he has good for you. Make sure he isn''t around anyone who smokes as much as posible because he might be temted back into smoking but the most important thing to do is LISTEN because he needs help. oh and Also TELL a Guidance councilor because he/she can help you help him.



A VERY tall sixth grader (and VERY smart)

A VERY tall sixth grader (who is very smart)

bt i always try to help so if ya need it just ask!

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cute but crazy_930127 Lock
cute but crazy_930127
Member since:
October, 2007
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i have a friend like that if u want 2 know what i think [or if u don''t i realy don''t care] i think u should 4get what any1 else thinks if he''s ur friend then stay by his side no matter what i know what its like 2 have people judge u 4 what u''ve done b4 it just isn''t rite hope i helped if not oh well

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lainers-l Lock
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December, 2007
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you need to be careful and watch out because if his gang is on a rampage and you get shot and killed he will have to go to jail or prison again but be  very careful from lainers

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April, 2012
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1. Think of your crush
2. Make a heart with your hands.
3. Kiss your hands.
4. Put this in your favorite article and your crush will ask you out tomorrow! Let's hope it works c;


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Member since:
June, 2013
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Whoah, calm down lainers-l! The past is the past. And the future, well, that is your choice. If you think he is safe, go for it!

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