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please help

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led sabbath-l
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January, 2007
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O.K. i have a friend i''ll call him B. anyway Bs unkle and best friend died 6 months ago.he was devestated.he tried to commit sucide twice!but that was 5 months ago.thing is he still is''nt the same.he is always unhappy and is ashamed of being overweight.he said he has a girlfriend but she was''nt at his birthday and he still has''nt let me meet her!another thing is he might be homosexual.out of all my friends he dos''nt like girls.once he told me he got horney looking at a pitcher of led zeppelin!xcoz they''re so great he said)i think he tried to come on to me.i don''t have anything againest homosexuals,xmy uncles gay and we get along great).but if he is gay he might be ashamed of himself and try to comit sucide.what should i do?

please help

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January, 2007
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Well, your not quite sure about him being homosexual. But I think he needs someone to talk to. Having his uncle die is very devastating and he needs someone to talk to, and that''s you! smile Tell him that you''re there for him no matter what, and that you''re very worried about him because he''s been acting a little different lately. Take a time and sit with him to talk about this. Don''t mention anything about being homosexual though. He might tell you he is or if he''s not. Or he might not touch the subject. He might just be depressed and a little confused, so just give him some time and a friend he can rely on for everything smile

please help

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Lavender Whisper
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January, 2007
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Tell him it''s not worth commiting suicde over a death, and for the homwsexual, just sit down with him privatly, and ask him so u 2 can talk.

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