Dear Dish-It

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beutifully broken-l Lock
beutifully broken-l
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January, 2007
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who wants to b on my friend list


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cuddlycute9 Lock
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January, 2007
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I''ll be on ur friend''s list, if you want.


I have...


to say...


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Auby Chick Lock
Auby Chick
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January, 2007
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I''ll be your friend!!

!@#$%^&*()Yes.......this is my SIGNATURE. Not SIGGY or SIGGIE. Need to go back to 2nd grade do we?
Anyways.....Auby Chick loves you SO much.....if you''re my favorite. WHICH NONE OF YOU ARE. Sorry.
If tomorrow is what you dread, what is there to be hopeful for?
"No Jesus, no peace. Know Jesus, know peace.

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