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bgarza,coheed and cambria,boy+boy=love

Celebs cartoon
Posted almost 13 years ago

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Default guy
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where all you??? haven''t heard from you in days. come on, people i want to be your buddy smile you all seem nice


sorry buddies, my list was too long and messy, i have it on my desktop now, so you can still tell me if you want to be my buddy smile

Posted almost 13 years ago

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Default girl
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hey do you need any lyrics? go to my lyrics section under lyrics. its by pink_puppy, my other name


Posted almost 13 years ago

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Default girl
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O.o thankyou!! someone actually missies me!!that makes me so happy. i feel unwanted alot..but thankyou! i wouldve said that i had been at camp this whole time, which for the most part is true, but the real truth of why i left here before i actually went to camp was that my brother had to stick up for me from psyco ducky makin fun of my sig and i didnt like that so i was gonna be stubborn and stay off here forever until next year and get a new username..but yeah, i was at camp this week. and i just couldnt resist to come back even though all of the mean snotty ppl r ruining my life...anyway

welcome to kw! i see ur new(from the last time i came here)
i would love to be ur buddy and i hope nobody makes fun of ur signature [*cough cough*]


*~^~*"I will go to the king, even though it is against the law. And if I perish, I perish." ~Esther 4:16 *~^~*

follow ur heart, it''ll lead the way.

The young man sat alone on the bus and most of the time stared out the window. "I've been in prison for two years. I just got out this morning and I'm going home," he said. He told her,"If they had forgiven him and wanted him to come back home, they could tie a white ribbon on the old apple tree that stood in the front yard. And if they had not, he would stay on the bus, leave town and be out of their lives forever. After hearing the man's story, she gently touched the young man's shoulder and choking back tears said, "Look! Oh look! The whole tree is covered with white ribbons." This is my favorite story, called the signal, by alice gray.

there r some things that were not meant to b so u just gotta except that.
"Courage is like a muscle stremngthened by it''s use

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