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What is the meanest thing that your friend has ever done to you?

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Posted 3 months ago

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At least she apologized.

Posted 3 months ago

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"Abbergrl" wrote:

She started laughing at me when I was having an anxiety attack because I was crying really badly. I've forgiven her for it by now though.
Ahh well this ain't the meanest thing to me anymore

This was a long time ago. People have done meaner things....

But people will be people soo, what to expect?

The stories I can write based on the fear of you.. Is this imagination good or bad?

Posted 3 months ago

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she made me step on a lego -.-

Posted about 2 months ago

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Default girl
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Ok so pretty much this girl, lets call her Lia, told my best friend, call her Diana, and I that one of our friends, call her sierra, has been sayin mean stuff behind our backs. So Diana and I kinda believe that Sierra said bad things about us. We all said a few things about Sierra that we didn't like. After believing Lia I went undercover (sorta). so sierra and I were putting on our tights for dance and sierra said, "You know Diana used to wear really tight tights and walk around and all of us used to say, 'what?', to each other...". I was really angry but I kept quite. Then after school I narrated the whole thing to Diana. At home I was on hangouts and sierra says in a group chat that she knows abt me goin undercover...I was speechless....I asked my friend Diana what she had said to sierra she told me and I was so angry! SHE PRETTY MUCH BACKSTABBED ME!!!!

Diana and I still BFFs

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