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3 different stories i NEED advice for.

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Posted almost 6 years ago

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 BIG problem going on. first off, im not in school but my friend is bullying my best friend and i dont know what to do about it! the teachers always talk to her and she just says ok, but she keeps going! and im not gonna be friends with someone whos a big bully to my best friend. and the other story i have a HUGE crush on a guy at my school. he always flirts with me but sometimes he's mean to me. my mom and my sis tell me not to tell him but i really want to! and the last story-- i have a friend who used to be my best friend but we got in too many fights and we just became friends. but i dont even want to be just her friend anymore; i dont really even like her any more! you can answer any story you'd like i just need ADVICE!!!!!! Frown Sad Worried Worried


Posted almost 6 years ago

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Ok here is my advice: 1.) Tell your friend(the bully) how you feel. Also let her know that you dont want to be friends anymore if she keeps bullying your bestie. (If your ok with that) 2.) Tell him! 90% of the time guys are mean to you because they like you. But it he has hit you or spread rumors about you the dont! Only if its like "playful" mean if you get what im saying. 3.) If you really dont like her anymore, end it. Tell her privatly in a nice way. You dont really think that your friendship is working out but you guys can still say Hi in the halls. You dont have to become enemies. Hope i helped! smile

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