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my best friend!..... not :(

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Posted over 5 years ago

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i had a best friend she was awosm we did everything together and everything the same we barrowed eachothers clothes teid out for the same soccer team and both played in it we hung out everyday untill one night on messenger she told me a whole lot of stuff... it was just a whole wack of mean things i was rly upset and mad... now it just makes me so mad that life goes on for her like she never liked me in the first place as if we never had a friendship... it makes me so angry

Posted over 5 years ago

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OMG i aso had a best friend and we were bffs for 5 or 6 years! she was awesome and ddnt care what others thiught......she was just her self. but this year she changed! she became popular(happy for her) but she also became evil mean and bossy and i hate her now!!!! we hate eachother alot!!!!! there is going to be war when school starts again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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