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np one likes me becuase...

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Posted over 5 years ago

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I'm weird I obsess over one thing for like a week then I obsess over something else right now its huntik and yesterday it was anime also I'm very low self esteem I'm to happy or sad Frown but most of all because of the things I like and do in real life I only have 6 friends all younger than me 

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That's a bit like how I am,actually. I choose one thing,and then the other and change them back and forth. But it's normal,don't worry too much,it happens sometimes. Be grateful for the friends you do have and not for those you don't.

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I'm kinda weird too. I think you should be with the friends you DO have and hang with them. Don't hang out with the people who dislike you for not fitting in.

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just like me !

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