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At school, kids are mean to me because I am from Korea and I am adopted and my foster parents are not from or born in Korea! They say I am stupid and dumb for it and that my foster mom and dad do not even think I am pretty! Also, a girl named Nicole, at my school, is rude and brags that she is rich. People say her wallet is way bigger than her brain! I kind of agree I am being honest! Nicole says I am poor and never will have true beauty! Please help me! What do I do..?

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Just ignore those people and what they say, none of it is true. Nothing's wrong with coming from Korea, and if they think that then there's clearly something wrong with them. Nicole is wrong, you do have true beauty, you're much better than her, you have a lovely personality whereas she doesn't. smile It's bullying, so you should consider telling a teacher.

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