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Do you have any best friend issues ?

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Posted over 5 years ago

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Do you have any best friend issues ? Well if you do, please feel free to post your problems on this thread. Thank you :3

Posted over 5 years ago

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Default girl
Yeah, I do. My best friend (we're gonna call her "Kate") is acting kind of weird. We just started high school & you know high school is waaay different than middle school. Well "Kate" has this friend that's she's known for a loooong time & they're just as close as me and her. But Kate's friend's friend is someone we've both just met. At the beginning of the year, me + "Kate" didn't like her. But she kinda got better and "Kate" & I started liking her (as a friend). But now "Kate" & this girl are like bff, more than me & "Kate". Like what the heck, first you didn't like her and now you're bff? T_T Also that girl is starting to piss me off again b/c she's hellllah rude to me only & "Kate" is starting to be rude too and ignoring me :c So that's my bff problem.

It's Diana. Since youre reading this you might as well add me k? c: <3 x


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