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So, I have some kind of weird feeling that all the boys are talking about something bad about me. That's the hard part, I don't go well with boys. All the guys usually think I'm annoying or they just come over & annoy me. And one kinda dumb guy called me a girly girl when I had some pink clothing on me. And I never painted my nails and I play a sport, and I act like a creepy rebel with my friends at school, when the guys are playing soccer. And I hardly wear dresses anymore, that was in 4th grade! So I'm sort of like a tomboy. My mom just tells me to just be nice, my dentist tells me that boys usually hate girls at my age, and my dad tells me to ignore them! That's advice I'd hear EVERYDAY! And they usually never work! Boys in my class are hard to be with if you are a girl. I NEED HELP, RIGHT NOW!

Hai! I'm Ainsley. I'm a girl-tomboy-directioner-craycray-cool-nerdy-funny person. Need anything? Visit my profile!

A classic remedy for drama. #11
I'm back Amazayns!
Keep calm and eat your cake!!!

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Boys are boys. If they bug you, just ignore them. Frustrated

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