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Kid's Relationship with CoD

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February, 2013
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Kids love Call Of Duty. The most they love is Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. But moms (sometimes dads) are not even letting them play the game. I think some moms are crazy for not letting kids play violent Mature Rted 17+ games. Kids do not care if the game is 17+. They just want to play the game smile I think this whole situation on moms not letting kids play Call Of Duty is straight ridiculous. My mom doesn't let me play Call Of Duty... It is an awesome game. Moms... LET YOUR KID PLAY THE GAME.. Otherwise, your kid WILL yell at you. I am warning you...... Look at the little box, Mature 17+, Online Interactions Not Rated By The ESRB.
Comment if your mom does not let you play CoD.

Kid's Relationship with CoD

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December, 2012
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Yeah, my mom doesn't allow me to play COD. But I understand her, who wants their wonderful kid to play a violent 17+ war game.

Kid's Relationship with CoD

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January, 2013
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that not cool


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