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I need help fixing my PS3

Posted By:
Member since:
November 2009

Posts: 15364
Posted over 3 years ago
Every time I turn on the console it keeps saying the file sytem is curupted. It will be restored now.
But everytime after it's done restoring it's still curupted. What do I do?

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Astrobob Lock
Member since:
June 2013

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Posted over 3 years ago
Try a System File Restore first. It won't delete any files off your console.

Simply do the following:

1. Power cycle your console
a. Hold down the i/o power button down for three beeps. 1st beep turns it on, 2nd beep does nothing, 3rd beep turn its off
b. Make sure you hold down the i/o power button the whole time
2. Power cycle your console again
a. Same steps as one
b. However this time the third beep will be a rapid beep
3. Plug in your control via USB
4. You will see a new menu with six options
5. Select Option Three: System File Restore
a. This will not delete any files on your console, it will only restore any corrupted files
6. Follow the instructions on the screen

if that doesnt work you may have to format the hd - this will delete all your data so back it all up first .

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Posted By:
'E' The Great_2416521 Lock
'E' The Great_2416521
Member since:
March 2013

Posts: 37
Posted over 3 years ago
just kick the the ps3 out of your house and get the ps4, you guys!


Posted By:
portal300 Lock
Member since:
January 2012

Posts: 65
Posted over 3 years ago
Tell the manufacturer (Sony) to fix it for you. It should be shipped back to you in about 3 to 5 days.

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