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Posted about 3 years ago

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Hey everybody I'm back! It's been a while since I posted something in this section. Well for people who didn't knew, Sonic Boom, the video game, was a failure, but Sonic Boom, the TV series, was a huge success. People are saying that Sonic is not going to last long after Sonic Boom, but you're wrong! Right now, Sega is making a new mobile game, Sonic Runners, and is planning its release later on in 2015, but right now the game is only released in Japan. Later on in the year, the game will be released in North America and Europe. I know what you're thinking, "Will Sonic only be on mobile games since Sonic Boom was a failure and Sega will stop putting Sonic in console games?" Well the answer is no of course. Sonic games on consoles will still be here, because that's where Sonic gain his fame from, but right now they are making Sonic Runners so they can at least create another idea for another Sonic console game, and they can at least have the ratings back up so they can make another console game for the Sonic fans. I don't know when Sega will release another console game for Sonic, but i know for sure that it'll be better.   I still believe that Sonic the Hedgehog will be a huge success in the future. Sonic will last FOREVER!

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Posted about 3 years ago

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I always loved Sonic, since I was a toddler. This makes me super happy! I usually get made fun of for liking Sonic but yay people on here do too!

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