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i got dark cloud on my 5th birthday and i need help when i was 5 i had trouble figuring it out until my brother came and played with me and helped me get to matataki village we got stuck on the killer snake but this year i got back to playing it and i was trying to figure it out and i finally figured it out heres a tip make a river from the lake to the place where the talking tree is.... then i beat matataki oh and use sun dew on the leaves but now im stuck in the shipwreck but before i went back to my old saved game i started a new one but now im stuck fighting dran but i cant beat him cuz my dagger broke... post ur help here

Posted over 5 years ago

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i LOVE this game, its SOO fun! im passed the shipwreck and id have to say, its boss is REALLY hard, even if u have the hang of it. if ur dagger broke, why dont you just get some repair powder? by time ur at dran, u have to buy it, but hey, you wont get ANYWHERE without a wepean. hope this helped! if you need any advice about this game, or any game that ive heard of, add me as a friend, and comment me, so that i can help you!

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