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Play old games again thanks to emulation.

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November, 2009
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Have you ever wanted to go back to the Gameboy advance. Did you  not like the 3DS and want to go back to older DS games? Or do you just want to try out the Sega Genesis's games? Well now you can thanks to emulation Emulation allows you to download a Game consoles data. Basically you search   emulator Example: Gameboy emulator Be sure download the best emulator for your computer comment me for recommendations on emulators.  Try to download bellow the PS1 generation of consoles to avoid copyright issues. Next you download the game and/or you want to play on that and/or those systems Search for   rom Example:  Super Mario 64 rom After your downloads are complete. Open the emulator you downloaded. then click open. then double click the game you downloaded Enjoy. Reply so can explain controls and answer your questions.

Play old games again thanks to emulation.

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CuriousJake Lock
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August, 2008
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Whoa, this is new and revolutionary and nobody has heard of it before.

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