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You are just learning about yourself and your parents are superhero's called "the avengers".You have 20 hours each day to prove yourself worthy to become earths greatest hero's on the planet. our parents are  Bruce,Natasha,Clint,Thor,Tony or Steve.You will get missions assigned to you by Nick Fury or Agent Maria Hills.

Eye color:
Hair Color:
Other: (optional)
(you can make two forms can be either girls or boys)

My form(s)
Name:Gregory Banner
Perso:smart, quite shy around people,anger issues,and is very creative
Eye color: brown (green when angry)
Hair color: black to ragged kind of look
Power(s): ablitiy to change into the hulk and ablitiy to run at a fast pace when angered
Parent(s): Bruce & diana Banner
Other: was born in a remote town , lived with his mother for about nine years and left to join dad.His life was very difficult to understand but he understood it after his dad told him all about his gift.

Name:Anna Barton
Perso: quick witted,funny,calm
Eye color: blue
Hair color:brown
Powers: good with a bow and arrow,Sharpshooter
Parents: Clint & Emily Barton
Other: lives a decent life with her mom and dad but has a secret that no one knows except her dad and mom. Been with her dad on work days but never quite found it interesting to fight villans yet.

Are you good enough to be and avenger or you and expert in the agency?  who knows all you know is who you are and who your parents are but thats all going to change for you

Onali(died human)
Jessica Darison(human)

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