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Let's PARTY!!

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Every teen no matter how good they are or how smart wants to go to atleast ONE major party. Well this is your chance! A certain girl is throwing a small party tht gets out of control! Best or worst party? There wi be stuff there. And some games as well!

*cussing/cursing or swearing keep it low
*don't go TOOO far with another character this is a kid website
*keep  this rp alive
*if I get off I'll pause it if I need to. but don't go more than 2-3 pages without me
*keep some romance and drama
*no godmodding
*no mary sues


Name; Sophia Black
Age: 16 almost 17
Personality: sweet,kind,caring,FLIRT,smart,random,unique,crazy
Looks: tall,curvy,green eyes,curly brown hair,mixed
Other: She has a crush on someone.

nialler, hazza, daddy direction, dj malik, boo bear
please join

Lamia (Non-made Vampires): Black Iris
Vampire (Made): Black rose
Witch (Known): Black Dahlia
Witch (Doesn't know): Black Violet
Werewolf: Black Foxglove
Shapeshifter: Black Lily

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