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Note from Storm: I really don't know what this is gonna be about, or how its gonna turn out.. I'm kinda just typin stuff ~Storm (//-^) p.s. This is normally when I have my best ideas so.. XD

You currently are an acrobatist at Cirque du Soleil.. Amazing the world with your fine arts and skill.. and ########## to seemingly do the impossible. But what if its not an illusion?

Recently Cirque Du Soleil has aquired some ...interesting. new people, you are on of them.. The reason you were chosen is the ability to do something, or ook like someting thats beyong imagination... But, its nt all it sems to originally be, At first, you love the faces in awe and the happy people.. But, you begin to learn of the true motives behind the scenes..

You don't know how, but you have to escape.. It won't be easy. But its either that, or cages and experimentation.. How will you attempt to do the impossible??

No superman's.. meaning your person cant have like 10 things.. I'm limititing to 2 abilities.. you don't need one if you have something about you that looks or is potrayed differently..
Example: If your person has wings, similar to that of a hawk.. then there is no true need to have any powers.. Understand?
Im perfecty open to a character thats a mixture of human & animal.. They can have attributes related to that animal..
Ex.Like a tiger lady may have the camoflauge ability and steath of an acual tiger
Since I'd assume you've rp'd before, I will not attempt to repost the rules that everyone should know.

I believe thats all thats really nessecar, if you have any questions, feel free to ask smile

Please fill out as much as you can  remove (these) from your form please smile
Age (13-35) :
Looks: ( anime or real pictures, Discription must be VERY specific please)
Personality: (optional)
Life befoe Cirque Du Soleil: (include how they got here)

I do not like bad grammar, and there is a high chance of me correcting you.

Yes Stormie-chan is back once again.
Kon'nichiwa, futatabi min'na!
(Hello Agin Everyone!)

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