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(Can I Join? I Will Post Picture Later. I Couldn't Find A Good Enough Human Picture So I Used Anime)
Name: Trinket Dawson
Age: 15
Looks: (Will Post Later)
Personality: Shy, Unstable, Hotheaded, Mysterious.
Diagnosis: Schizophrenia
Style: Blue Tank Top, Green Denim Jeans, Sandals, Mood Ring.
Other: Is An Orphan So She Named Herself.

Jack, you aren't Spiderman. Stop crawling through people's windows. Spider Crawl

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"I gotta go, bye..." Alex mumbled, shaking her head slightly so her dark hair fell into her eyes. She pulled her camera back out and walked away, her eyes darting around the group of people out of their cabins. She didn't have to do anything for a while, so out of boredom, she went to see if she could find Jay's cabin.

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