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The Unfortunate Truth ( Currently Open )

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Posted over 4 years ago
-The setting-

You're just a normal person, nothing ever happens to you, or will happen to you.
You have a set of friends, just like most people.
Nothing paranormal, magical or horrible will happen to you.
You have your ups and downs...
You do occasionally have the bad dreams every once in awhile.
But, you quickly forget about those and throw them away.
You've met people with Avoidant Personality Disorder (APD) and Aspergers.
In hindsight, you're life really isn't that interesting.
You also work at a mental hospital.
Occasionally you write a piece of literature, but they usually never make it past that bottom drawer in your dresser.

-the rules-
no one is perfect
nothing supernatural, or magical will ever happen to you, ever.
if I find a flaw in your CS, I'll try to match to a mental disorder, in which your character will then have.
big brother is watching
All kinds of pictures are allowed, even anime-styled ones if you want to.
you will inevitably die.

you must operate within real-world physics, no super jumping. if you do happen to break the laws of physics, you will be written as dead in this universe and moved into the tangent universe, of which you will be left.
you cannot enter the main universe from the tangent universe, and vice versa.
the tangent universe is heaven.
the main universe is hell.
big brother is watching.

-the character sheet-
Birth Name:
Current Age:
Current Residence:
Current Appearance:
Current Occupation:
Current Hobby: (Leave blank if said character doesn't have a hobby)
Current Gender:
Favorite Food:
Favorite Thing:

I myself will operate as the person watching over you guys, if you happen to break the universe in anyway, shape, or form, I will move you to the tangent universe; in which you must interact with things in that universe, if you interact with anything that isn't in your respective universe, you will be interacting with yourself. remember, if you break the laws of physics, you will die in said universe, if you break the laws of physics again in another universe, you will be written out of existence permanently.

Go play persona, It is an AMAZING RPG.

Or Persona 4 Arena, Which ever you decide.

"I have lost all faith in Humanity" - Klonoa9 Man of Horrid Karma and rather Amazing English.

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