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Blue Waters Neighbor Hood {Currently Open}

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Posted about 5 years ago

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Blue Waters neighbor hood is a small city, especially made for teens who have just moved out and are now living freely. They may not have been asked to move out! They may have got kicked out. There not really old enough to move out by themselves really, that's why this City provides a great set of activities and neighborly people to hang around with. Or so it seems....


*No god modding 
*No dying 
*If you read the rules, put 'Neighbor Hood' in your form
*There can be romance, obviously, but nothing too much!
*No perfect characters
*Please remove the parentheses from your form!

*Remember This is a kids site!


Age: #14~16#
Looks: (No anime please! Description or photo which is most preferred)
Bio: (Not optional and please make it descriptive)
Personality: (Please be descriptive)

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Posted about 5 years ago

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Name: Rowan "Andy" Lucia Blackthorns
Age: 16
Bio: She was born into a family of people who were exactly the opposite of her, both her parents were doctors, and her older sister had a 4.0 GPA. She never finished high school, she dropped out after the first month of high school. Her parents threw her out of the house, and their final words were "Never come back", she ended up stumbling into Blue Waters one night. 
Personality: She is extremely rude and immature, she never does what people tell her to do. She's not well liked by anyone. She is a loner. She's a bit violent.
Other: Neighbor Hood


Posted about 5 years ago

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Name: John Taylor Age: 15 Looks: Small and thin with long legs and long light brown hair. He has big brown eyes and a bit of a corroked nose. He looks younger than he really is. Bio: After being pushed around at school, John thought the one place he would be safe was at home. Then, after telling them everything and being honest, his parents hated him. Hated his soft nature and love for music and art instead of sports, hated how weak he was. Finally he had had enough and ran. He ran for days, and now he finds himself here. In this strange Neighbor Hood. Personality: Quiet and keeps to himself, his love for music is very strong and he keeps his guitar with him at all times. Coming from a place were he was unloved or liked, he thinks here will be the same. He is sweet when you get to know him although he is awkward. Other: He has no connections to anyone anymore and has never had any relationships or real friends.

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