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Welcome to Camp International! Here kids from all over the world meet for the Summer, to have a great time! Here, we offer many classes and activities such as:
-And many more!

And if you love academics, we offer classes for math, reading, and science.


There will be dorms for girl's and boy's. ABSOLUTELY no boarding with the opposite gender.
There will be three people in each cabin, and there's 4 cabins for each gender.

The dorms have one bunk bed and one regular bed.
People will stay here for 103 days.


Age: # 12 -17)
Looks: (pic, real or anime)
Home country:

You must choose this dorm for male: 1
You must choose this dorm for female: 1

Hey! Even if I'm your friend, if your forms not good, I won't accept you!

Name: Haruna Orihara
Haruna Orihara
Personality: Haruna is very self conscious about her name: Haruna. It means 'squash' or 'vegetable' in japanese. She knew if she acted like she hated it, every one would make fun of her, so she made everyone call her 'Haru the carrot'. The nickname never took off, so she dropped it. She is basically a boy in a girl's body, and she's also made fun of for that too. She doesn't mind. She is cocky, smug, sarcastic, and rude. An explosive combination.

Bio: She grew up a normal life in Ikebukoro, Japan. Her father was mentally crooked, a bit. But he loved her and never hurt her or her mom. He loved them both very much. Her mother was from Washington D.C in America, but moved to Japan in hopes to begin her directing career in a more scenic place. She met her father in High school. She was a freshman, and he was a senior. They became best friends, and didn't start dating until she turned 19 and he 23. 
As for Haruna, she was always asking about how they met each other, as shes very interested in boys. She hasn't really ever had a crush on one, but she thinks they're....interesting. The trait of observing and thinking people were 'interesting' had come from her father, who she looks almost exactly like, except for her mother's green eyes.

Home country: Japan
Dorm: 1


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Name: Ivy Campbell

Age: 13

Looks:  my profile pic

Personality: Ivy is really shy around people she doesn't know.Her nickname is "Ivy the death" because Ivy means death in Greek. She is a goth, but can be really nice,helpful,and funny at times. She is also rude,and sarcastic.

Bio: She grew up a normal life in Athens,Greece Her dad helped farm at home and fish at sea. He loved Ivy and her mother more than anything in the world.Her mom was from Michigan and moved to Greece hopeing to begin her dream job: being an Architect. She met her father in High School. They almost had all the same classes together.

Home country: Athens,Greece.

Dorm: 1

I love to role play I've been on here for 5 years. Please join some of my roleplays?

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( May I Join ? ) 

Name : Alex 

Age: 13 

Looks: My Profile Picture 

Personality : Alex is the Tomboy , Intelligent , Smart , Shy , Observant . Caring , And usually busy , and try's to make friends...

Bio:  She started with her foster parent s, because her real parents died in a car crash , and her foster parents were way Worse! They treated her as a personal servant , and barely fed her or anything! She finally went to this camp for fun , but the foster parents see it as a opportunity to get away from her..

Home country : New York

Dorm : 2 ? 
( If there is something wrong ... Tell me Big Grin

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