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The plague was horrid. People have turned from sick humans to zombies. Students are trapped alone in school. Luckily, water and restrooms and other energy supplies are still in stock, plenty to be used. Zombie cures are being stocked and sent to the schools and homes of trapped human families. The only human school left, is deserted. Only human students remain. With zombie cure and plenty of it, it is up to the students to save the world from zombies.

Age: (10 to 19)
Other: (Optional)
Human Or Zombie:

Name: Lucy Davidson
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Perso: Fearless, Curious, Friendly, Funny, Kind.
Other: N/A
Human Or Zombie: Human

To be a zombie, you have to be bitten.
No cursing or cheating.
Romance is allowed, but only hugs or kisses.
Have fun!
You must stay in the school.

Jack, you aren't Spiderman. Stop crawling through people's windows. Spider Crawl

Chocolate Milk Boom
"Make sense? Oh, what fun is there in making sense?"

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(Can i join?)

"If you love someone, then that's love."

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(Can I join?)
Name: Sam King
Age: 14
Perso: Shy,intelligent,fun loving, adventorous
Other: N/A
Human Or ZombieHuman

I love making friends. I usually prefer to make them out of plaster and give them funny looking hats.

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Can i join?

Name: Fly James
Age: 17
Gender: chick
Perso: She is very hard headed and stuburn. She has a short temper and it isn't very pretty when mad. If your on her good side then she is very trustworthy and out-going
Other: She has a britsh accent
Human or Zombie: Human

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Niall He Lights Up My World Like Nodbody Else
The Way That He Gels His Hair Get Me Overwhelmed
But When He Smiles At The Ground
It Ain't Hard to Tell
He Don't Know He Don't Know He's Beautiful

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