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It's the year 26XX, after the Events of the BioMetal's, the man named Grey, The wielder of the Biometal, discovered a Biometal that was buried in the collapse of the NeoArcadia Corporation building, the Newly constructed HQ of the Biometal Wielders. Which was Shortly Destroyed thereafter by a group of Mavericks, Presumably Killing Grey, Vent, And Aile.
they were actually tapped in the wreckage, and well digging his way out, Grey discovered the Secret of the Underground Vault Vent and Aile didn't want him to find.
The Soul Of Omega. The Version Of Zero that had been turned insane, and massively powerful by integrating with the Cyber-elves. This, in turn, caused Grey to...Un-willingly, integrate with the power hungry Omega, and in that instant, Grey went Corrupt, insane...Evil.

and the HQ was now remade, but instead of the building, Neo-Acardia, a large fortress was created, and soon after, Grey was a tyrant, ruling all of the land.

It was than the beginning of 26XX, Grey was immortal, the world was in chaos once agian.
And what About Vent And Aile?

They were saved, by the last speck of Humanity and love for his Predecessors and Mentors.
They were sent off to a faraway place, The Old Resistance camp.

There, they waited, for 50 years, till a many children of the resistance were born, these were the New Heros, New wielders of the Biometals, they grew, to there Teenage Years, and Vent And Aile  told them of there Destiny, and gave them each a Biometal.
Thus beginning the saga of them defeating Grey, and restoring peace.

for now.

(Sorry for the bad story writing....)

- List of BioMetals-
Model X: the Blue Mega Man, has attacks based upon those of X and utilizes an X-Buster.

TAKEN -Model Z:  the Red Mega Man, is based on Zero, features its own Z-Saber as a weapon and possesses a visor in place of a helmet.

Model H:  the Wind Mega Man,  has double blades and a wide range of sonic and electricity attacks. It grants the Enemy Analyzing ability, allowing the user to see an enemy's name and remaining health.

Model L: the Ice Mega Man, designed for underwater combat, including the dual-headed staff and projectile attacks. Its Searching ability produces a light which homes in on nearby items and enemys.

Model F: the Flame Mega Man possesses  ground combat, fire knuckles and flame/bomb shots, and is good in both long-ranged and melee combat. The Direction allows shots to go in any planned direction, but with a limit on the length of the path.

Model P: the Shadow Mega Man hides  a Phantom's soul inside, features knife-throwing and shuriken attacks, with ninja-like movements and abilities. Its Night Scope allows the user to directly target nearby enemies with a kunai, even through obstacles, as well as simply see the whereabouts of all immediate threats.

Model A: the Copy Mega Man is capable of using A-Trans to transform into any defeated enemy and use its attacks.

Anyway, Join, please, (And for People Who played MMZX
I know its not Canon or makes much sense but its a roleplay.)



Biography Summary:



How can I make you happy?

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Name: Giroutte.
Age: 15
Appearance: Giroutte


Model Z Form
Model Z

Biography Summary: The Son of Vent And Aile  Was named after Vent and Aile's Mentor  and guardian, Who died saving them from himself becoming a Maverick. He looks Almost Exactly like Him as well, strangely enough.

Aile - Mother
Vent - Father

Biometal: Model Z

Other: N/A

How can I make you happy?

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How can I make you happy?

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