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This is not my role-play. It was started a while ago but never really was finished.
High School can be brutal sometimes. With all those cliques and tests and drama. There's no exscaping it, High Schhol is hell on earth. Drama of all kind spawns there. This is the story of the students at Kingston High School.

Leah Marshe- Junior: A best friend of Emelia and Ness and a child of a very religious and wealthy family. Her parents are workaholics and often don't pay much attention to her. She is an only child and currently dating Danny Noctor. She is the sweatheart of the group and is oblivious to Danny or Emelia's feelings towards each other (me)

Emelia Ryans- Junior: Best friend's with Leah and Ness. She lives with her step mother (who she gets along okay with), her father and her two twin step brothers. She has had a crush on Danny Noctor for longer than Leah and Danny had been dating. She is the flirt of the group who had big dreams of getting away from the small town of Kingston and going to the big city. Her brother's and Ness are the only people who have any idea about her crush on Danny. 

Nessa "Ness" or "Nessie" Florington- Junior: Bestfriends with Leah Marshe and Emelia Ryans. She is currently taken by the head male of Kingston High, Clide forester. She has always been jealous of Emelia and is one of the only people that know about her love for Danny Noctor. She's dyslexic and has a hard time keeping up her grades in school. She often feels pushed to go further with Clide by Clide. 

Daniel "Danny" Noctor-Senior He is currently taken by Leah Marshe but his feelings for her have dwindled away. He's a straight a student and is closer with Emelia Ryan's his girlfriend's best friend then his girlfriend himself. His parents are strict about his grades and often pressure him to be like his perfect older brother.

Clide Forester- Junior: He's on the top of the High school pyramaid and coaches almost every sport at Kingston. He's the boyfriend of Ness and are often pressured by his friends to go further with her since he still has his "V card". he has a big ego most of teh time and cares about his image very much. 

Michael Ryans- Senior: The step brother of Emelia and the twin of Jaymie. He loves his sister even though he teases her. He and his brother are the only people besides Ness knwoing about Emelia feelings for Danny. He has always secretly liked Leah

Jaymie Ryans- Sophmore: The twin of Michael Ryans and step brother to Emelia. He is often very protective of Ness. He's overly confident most of the time though and is a strict follower of Clide Forester.

Sarah Cords- Freshmen: The adopted sister of Danny Noctor. She loves Danny and hasn't seen her other brother many times since he is away at college. She knows about Danny's girl problems and is often found by his side when she is shooed away by him. 


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Posted about 5 years ago

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( Can I Join? )                                                                                                                                                           Name : Emilia Ryans                                                                                                                                                         Age : 16                                                                                                                                                             Looks :                                                                                                                                                      Personality : Emilia is Kind , Fun to be with , Determined , Flirty , Nice , BIG Dreamer , Shy , Outgoing , Clever , Smart , Intelligent , and Loves to be around people.                                                                                                                                                      Other : Had a Crush on Danny

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