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Want You Back (3 slots available)

Celebs cartoon
Posted about 5 years ago

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((Yes ths is simalar to the Cher Lloyd song "I want you back" but not exactly))

Plot : In a small town, un heard of on many maps, lived a girl and a boy, both about to enter seventh grade find their love about to be torn apart at the seams.

Intro : I watched him from the cab of the car, he had chased the car a long while, tears streamed down his face as he began to run out of breathe. He reached his hand out towards the car, pleadng for the car to turn around and bring her back to him. I pressed my hand to the glass, although he didn't see me, I felt the tears break from the wall I had built up to hold them back. I couldn't let him no the real reason it was over, it needed to be quick and painless.....
My dad was leaving town, new job that ment I was going to a new school... Thats all he needed to know....
****************3 years later*************
I found myself in the back of the same car that had ripped my love away and pumbled my heart. I hadn't seen or talked to him for two complete years and I missed him terribly. We were headed back to the place of my past and child hood, I wondered if he remembered me. If he was single? My longest relationships had lasted for a month at a time, I didnt want to hurt another man and I didnt want to be hurt again.

Turns out he had found another girl, a year after I left and they'd been together for two years, the worst part? She was my ex best friend. 10th grade was gonna be a roller coaster of emotions and such. So hop in and enjoy the ride.

Available slots :
girl : ME
boy : open
ex best friend of the girl/boys new grlfriend : open
best friend of the boy : ME
new best friend of the girl : open
(If you want to add charicters ask)

forrum :
name :
age :
looks :
personality :
bio (optonal) :
other :

Posted about 5 years ago

Posted By:


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