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Hunt- Only The Best Survive (( Experienced roleplayers only))

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Registrations have started! Now, you will take part in a game of professional killers. A game where no one had a chance to choose whether to participate. A game with a great prize, but nearly impossible to achieve. Several killers, from different countries with different histories were gathered in pursuit of the same objective: Becoming a billionaire and gain respect and recognition in all corners of the world as the best killer of all time. Only one can win, and that means death for the losers. The stage of this investment will be the world: more specifically, the 11 hometowns of the 11 players. You will need a great observation, surveys, powers of deduction, and stealth skills. May  we start?
You were in your house, maybe relaxing after a tiring day at work, waiting for your retirement, or looking for a new offer or gathering information about a fresh target, or even hiding from the police. You get up from the couch, turn off the TV and decide to go to the kitchen to prepare a meal, because your employees are off on vacation, or you do not trust anyone and don't hire employees. Suddenly, a letter slides under the door. Immediately you jump behind a cabinet, for assassination attempts against you are not uncommon, and almost no one knows your real address. After the initial shock, you get up and open the door, but no one stands there as far as you can see. You resolve to pick the letter up, and, with extreme care, after putting gloves and mask, inspect it.. Written on it is your name, the ####### ## ##### hideout and a wax seal with the letter X on it. Puzzled, you open the letter and read its contents, all written in a fancy font:
Greetings and congratulations!
It was given to you the honor of being selected / her in a game of extreme proportions! A game world, with a prize of a whopping 10 billion dollars!
This time for you and the amount printed. Czech-You really did not read wrong. They chose you for a game that could turn you into a millionaire. It seemed legitimate because nobody would go to the hideout of a murderer to deliver advertising. You continue to read.
Attached are the rules, a credit card, and your first clue. 
Good luck, and don't give up.
* If the player fails to follow the rules it will result in his/hers death.
You fold the paper, and decide to check the card balance. By doing so, you blink a few times reading the printed value. How can anyone live with so much money? You would surely go mad. Then you sit on the couch, turn on the TV and take the opportunity to give the rules a thorough reading Now you understand, the guy is truly mad. There's no way a game like this work. The information on the paper must be false. About to abandon it forever, you change to the news. In the news conveniently ran a story: A famous Italian murderer had been thrown from the 23rd floor of a building in the Caribbean. With him,they  found only weapons, clothes, false documents, and in  his pocket, a small note  :
Transgression: Traveling out of certain countries are not allowed.
Police are still investigating the origin of the note.
You almost jump off the couch in surprise. You start to pack your bags. Grab your best weapons, relay 3 times more rules, and accesses the site. You click the flag of your country, and the site changes to your language. Then, click you on  "participants". There, you read the name of several "workers" some you did not know, others you knew, including yours. There was also a name in red: Alfonso Baccino the guy from the television. You put your beloved laptop in your  bag and prepares to leave. You will win the game no matter what.

The game takes place in 11 cities, the following list:
New York, United States (Spoken language: English)
-Amsterdam, Netherlands (spoken: Dutch)
-Dubai, United Arab Emirates (spoken language: Arabic)
-Hong Kong, China (spoken: Cantonese)
, Moscow, Russia (spoken language: Russian)
-Paris, France (spoken language: French)
-Buenos Aires, Argentina (spoken: Spanish)
-Berlin, Germany (spoken language: German)
Johannesburg-South Africa (spoken: Afrikaans)
-Singapore City, Singapore (spoken language: Malay)
-Tokyo, Japan (spoken language: Japanese)

The participants come from are all these countries, no exceptions. The objective of the game is to eliminate competitors while avoiding being eliminated. Each participant receives a target and a chaser, both unknown. ATTACK SOMEONE OTHER THAN YOUR TARGET  WILL RESULT IN DEATH . How to play:
By day, the player receives a call from the game administration  with an enigma related to the place in the city where the player is, where its located and a clue related to the next town you should go to . The clues are three in 3 different cities, and at the end of the third clue, you get your targets identity. To visit the site, send a private message with the title DAY x (where x is the number of days) to  me with the name of the place. The following narrative will show whether you were right or wrong. The enigmas are public, meaning everyone can see it. If you do not send the message to the end of  the day,it would mean that you stayed at the hotel all day without doing anything.

At night, after unraveling the riddle of the day, send me a message titled NIGHT-x with the city's name, so you may travel to it. The following narrative will show whether you were right or wrong. Tips  will be public, so,  if someone figures it out before you do, they find out where you are going.If you do not send the message untill the deadline, it means that you decided to stay in the same town that night. REMINDER: every night, the participant must inform IN the message what type of  weapon they will use if attacked during the day.

Each character can speak 3 languages​​, because they are all murderers and educated peeps:  The language of their country of origin and two more. These languages ​​determine the black-market that you can get access to extra tips, for the cost of 2xp. To access them, post on the thred "I want to use the black market." Example: You come to Paris. You failed to solve the puzzle and do not know where to go, but speaks French, then put in the topic that  you want to visit the black market. Soon after, I'll post an additional tip for you. You can also access the black market to find out which city to visit.

Soon after discovering the third tip, you get the identity of your target and must go find him. Read his/her tip , and find out which country he or she will be going to . Follow (at night, choose the country-puzzle answer,the same one he will choose too) your target there. His narration will only say: "_____ is chasing his/her  target" until you hit your targets city. When you get there, I'll see the weapon you're using that day, and your  targets weapon, and simulate combat.
----- Weapon Categories 
If the killer wins:
The target dies, the murderer begins the cycle of finding new messages and puzzles.
If the target wins:
The target escapes and the killer is tormented by the escape and cannot travel that night.. In thetargets description, it will not say that he or she escaped, so he or she will not know they're being pursued.
If there is a tie:
The target escapes,if he or she ties again, they die. The killer may  chase the target  towards the next city immediately.

Sometimes, at the end of the day, two players are selected for an event and can choose to participate or not. The next day, the two will travel to the city of the event and compete to see who completes the challenge first: or who win receive a massive Raspberry reward. If you choose to compete , inside the message deciding the city, choose the city of the event instead of the city you should go. Example: It's night, you know that the city your target is heading to is Tokyo. But you have been selected for an event and decided to go, so instead of going to Tokyo , send a  message that you want to go to Johannesburg, the city where the event will happen.
You can win or lose ### according to your actions. I will inform your PX at the end of each day.
To Gain  PX:
-Correct country: 1st trip # 1 ##. 2nd trip=2PX. 3rd trip= 3PX.
-Found  the clue: 1st clue = 1PX. 2nd clue = 2PX.
-Figure out  who your target is (or finding the 3rd clue): 5PX.
-Succesful Murder: 10 PX.
-Surviving a murder: 5 PX.
-Sucessful event: 6PX.
-Tie a murder attempt: 3PX.
Losing PX
-Getting  the country wrong: 1st trip - ###. 2nd trip, -2PX. 3rd trip, -1PX.
-Not finding the clue: 1st trip, -###. 2nd trip, -2PX. 3rd trip, -1PX.
-Failing to murder: - 10 pX
-Unsuccessful event:- 3PX.
-Dying: -All your PX and its participation in the game.
With Every 15 PX  you earn , you earn a special reward.

To register, you will need to create a character! Follow this:
Name: The name of your character. Try to combine this with the country where he lives. If he was born in China, he probably won't be called Luis .Include his or hers #### ####.
Age: Your characters name. He is already an old killer? Or is he a  young prodigy? 18- 55 in age, but I only want one or two 29-unders, because not all get to be prodigies.
Nationality: The country where your character was born. Two killers cannot share the same country, so if someone took Tokyo "BUT YOU WANTED THAT SO MUCH" too bad, grab another country you like.
History: A little backstory. If your character is filthy rich: How did he get all this money? His parents died when he was a child? His parents were abusive? He ran away from home? He had a difficult adolescence? And now, how is he? He still has family? He is retired? Is he married? He still works? Remember, they are mercenaries, not psychopaths.
Appearance: What he looks like and how he likes to dress. He is black, white, asian? It has hair combed back, with spikes or a mohawk? Or with  dreads? Does he wear a leather jacket, or suit, or a t-shirt or tank top, you know what I mean.
Personality: His ways, his thoughts. Is he sadistic? Likes to see others suffer before dying? Or he is calm, cool and fast? Is he  completely insane, or does he plan everything before you do? Does he  not care who he killed in the past or is haunted by who has killed? I don't want a book here, just a couple lines are okay. And remember that no one here ae sociopathic phsycos.
Language: You can choose between the three mentioned. Remember, he does not need to speak English.
Weapons: Choose a firearm (snipers, revolvers, pistols, shotguns, etc.), a cold weapon (baseball bat, machete, ax, bow and arrow, range) and a type of poison (compressed gas, liquid poison darts) .


-Other rules:
- I will decide who will live or die, so if your character dies, don't come crying to me, you should have read how this roleplay works.
-Please, pleeeeeeease, just try to use correct grammar.
-Remember your character can use fake names and such, so two killers could be talking to eachother without knowing who they were.
-Write in third person.
-I was serious about the private messaging system. 
-Try to read the whole thing through, if you still have doubts, don't be afraid to ask. I don't bite.
-Have fun~~



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