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Harry Potter After Hogwarts(Now Private)

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Harry: I ate slowly,  teasing ginny with each bite. "Your gonna have no buttons left." I commented as I looked at my plate, then at her. "And if I see your hair up again Ginny,  no kisses for a month." I said with a soft chuckle and a smile. Maybe she did suck at cooking,  but we got Chinese so I didn't really care. I'd eaten a whole plate of food and placed my plate and Ginnys in the sink. 

Ron: "Aw, thats sweet!" I said with a grin. My arm tightened around Hermiones shoulder as I kissed her cheek softly. "Man talk soon, about how he is going to be the goofiest boyfriend ever. 

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Five Six Seven Eight Daleks scream "ETERMINATE!"
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Four Three Two One Grab her hand and whisper, "Run"

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Harry Potter After Hogwarts(Now Private)

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I shook my head and let my hair down before going up behind Harry and kissing his neck.I promised him I;d make up for last night.And I was going to do so.
"Better?"I asked,pulling away,now jumping up on the counter,pulling him close.The burning desire overwhelming me.
I laughed."And that's why girls love him.Because he's so silly."Hugo came back in to the room,phone still in hand.He hung it up on the charger and sat with us.
"I can't believe you told dad about Natalie."He grumbled.I smiled.
"Huge,it's a big deal.It's the first time you've met a girl and didn't think she was gross."Hugo plugged his ears and I shook my head.

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