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Midapops Lock
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January, 2013
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Please join if you role played in the other one called James family. Just go search james family And read like the last posts to know what happened (we were going to macy's)

I am making another person but she is still the girl from the old one but just different name

This is the form:
Looks : 

My form:
Name: Alice James
Gender: Female
Looks : Has long brown hair
Age: 11
More: She is kinda bossy but sometimes sweet

No god modding (this means dont make your character perfect)

No cursing
Please dont go too far (when im offline)

I am a photography lover Big Grin
Eiffel Tower!!

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April, 2012
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( lol ur starting it again cool XD i'm gonna be making a new character to besides ivy i think her name was.)

This is the form:

Name: Ivy and Connor Gabrielson
Gender: girl and boy
Looks :  Ivy is my profile pic and Connor's pic will upload soon
Age: both will be 17 (there going to get married soon in the role play if thats ok wit you.)
More: Goth Emo kids who go to really bad clubs and bars (if ya know what I mean XD)

(Also my NEW bf i just got  today is Connor so ya XD )

I love to role play I've been on here for 3-4 years so I'm very experienced/advanced role player,and plz join some of mine smile

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