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Posted about 5 years ago

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(Hey AliceTheWolf! Im glad you decided to join!)

A signature pic. (Thanks, MechanicWolf!)

No roleplay is quite the same, no matter how many times we use the same plot. Each one presents a new challenge, a new adventure.

Posted about 5 years ago

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(It looked interesting. And you know how i can't resist a warriors rolrplay Big Grin)

Hello Person Who's Reading My Signature! *Waves* I Can't Believe You Have Actually Taken The Time To Read This Crappy Thing. Lawlz :3

So, Hows It Going? Good? Good. Oh I'm Blabbering Now Aren't I? Sorry, I Tend To Do That A Lot..
Polar Bear
Oops, I'm Running Out Of Characters.. Better Rap This Up
Thx 4 Readin!

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