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Plot: You and your friends are Pokemon that have been captured by N. You are experimented on. When one day, you have fingers. Hands. You're a human. You've been injected by some syringe containing a strange blue liquid... 

Pokemon Name:
Pokemon Type: 
Wild Or Tame:

Human Pokemon Form:


When You Faint, You Have Transport to a PKMN Center
No More Than Mild Violence
No Extreme PDA 
No Cursing (Except In PKMN Language when it is not typed
Have Fun!
No Becoming Pokemon Before Anyone Else. We all turn back when the RP officially ends.

My Form:

Pokemon Name: Nitemare (Misdrevaus) 
Pokemon Type: Dark/Ghost
Wild or Tame: Wild

Name: Silver
Age: 4,### (14 in human years)
Gender: Female
Personality: Trustworthy, Evil, Sarcastic, Dark, Funny
Bio: Runs on children's sadness, and hate.
Other: Has Been Alive for 4,124 years.
Region: Unova

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Posted about 5 years ago

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Pokemon Name: Thunder ( Riolu )
Pokemon Type: Fighting
Wild Or Tame:Wild

Human Pokemon Form:

Name: James Kirk
Age: 3, 13 in Human years
Gender: Male
Personality: Nice, sweet, kind, mean if nessicary
Bio: Thunder was a normal Riolu until N appered. When he was still a pokemon, he used to sit in the window of a child's bedroom and watch Star Trek. After Thunder was turned into a Human, he took the name James Kirk.
Region: Moved toUnova from Sinnoh

Joker and Togepeg

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