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Loving Summer

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"Why?" Skeeter kind of now had a creeperish grin, "You want to be alone with your girlfriend? Don't let the new wear off!" He slapped Jake's arm. Skeeter seemed to be having slight difficulties standing still.
"... Skeeter. Did you take your medicine this morning?" Adel blinked, his behavior wasn't seemingly something she was used to or equipped to handle.
"Medicine? Medication? Meds? Pills? Pshhhh, I don't need none of that stuff!" Skeeter laughed, he did seem like he had more than a couple of sodas.
"Skeeter!" Adel scolded.
"Adel!" He mimiced. Now looking at Jake and rolling his eyes jokingly, "This girl."
"I'm not sure we'll be able to do this thing much less another thing now." She seemed upset but sounded a little sad.
Just about there! Anju sent Jake one more text, she'd soon be there.

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