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Loving Summer

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awsomesuacegirl Lock
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March, 2014
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( i am expearnced, i had writer's block at the time Frown

she got up, she was very VERY  bord.... what could she do? she had no friends there, no dancing, no singing, no love. just a plain ole beach, she lived two blocks from one at home.  

adventure time, come on grab your friends, were going to very, distant lands! jake the dog, and finn the human the friendship will never end it''s adventure time!!! Grin

Loving Summer

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June, 2011
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( Okay kid, wellpp... I'll see what I can do. Its a contest so you were suppose to be going to your room, but since you live on the beach its okay. You just needed to tell me that. And I want advanced players, but don't worry, I'll try to help you out! Post more details, alright? It'll help not only me but the survival and length of the RP ~ Don't be sad, I'm not telling you you can't RP here :3 )

Name: Ava
Age: 17
Looks: (sooooon)
About: She's just a girl who loves the beach!
Other: Nerd, this form was rushed and is incorrect but I'm the mod so its acceptable.

Ava was taking a jog along the beach side, sand under her feet, music blasting in her ears, slowly losing herself in her own little world, just about spaced out, she saw things around her, but they didn't register. Suddenly she was knocked out of her little spacy state when she tripped over something -- someone. ( Awesauce's character )

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