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AJ found and slipped on an old t-shirt over his head, one that didn't look too bad but was comfortable and light.
A little after he took up his phone, the battery was full, but he didn't have an internet connection. Now he wondered if he could get one or if this would be an electronic less summer. The service inside the hotel was much better than outside, that was a plus, but he didn't feel like bothering anyone with a text just yet, besides, the large yawn he was in the middle of let him know he was tired, and the desire to eat let him know how bored he was. "Wonder what kind of catering this place has." He asked rhetorically now searching for the book with everything he wanted to know.

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( Maybe AJ and Nate could share a room? )

A lady, with blonde hair tied in a tight bun, was tapping at her keyboard, staring at the screen. She looked up when Nate pinged the bell. "Oh, sorry." she said, pushing her keyboard away and lifting her glasses from her eyes. "How may I help you?" she asked pleasantly.
"I was one of the people who won tickets to this seaside resort." he replied, fishing out his ticket and letter. It was a little crumpled, but he smoothed it out and placed them near the bell. The receptionist quickly took them off the desk and looked through the pages.
"Yes, it does look like it." she said, still reading the letter. "And may I ask what your name is?"
* * *
Evelyn rolled her eyes. "Mom, you know that I didn't even want to go to the seaside. I CAN'T believe that you entered me into this stupid competition." She threw her luggage on the floor angrily.
"Goodbye, dear." her mom replied hurriedly, shutting the car door as the chauffeur got back into the limousine.
"Wait, Mo-"
But the limousine had already started, and zoomed back down the road. Evelyn was left with her luggage, the winning ticket and a letter folded into her cardigan. "This better be good." she muttered angrily, lifting the luggage off the sand.

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