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A Group of teen's struggle to live a reaguler life, they get bullied, cheat on, hurt, abused, and more. Until they meet each other. They want to learn to love again.  


Age: (15- 18 )
Looks: (Pictures are fine)
Treated: (Bullied, abused, ect.)

My form:

Name: Dawn
Age: 15
Bio:  Dawn was only 13 when her dad died. She lived bad the first year. Her mom always brought home strange men.  When Dawn turned 14 she became an artist. Her first drawing was a star with angel wings and in the middle is the date her dad died. Dawn was always a daddy's girl. Her mom abuses her and is always hung over or with her new boyfriend. Dawn want's some one to love her. She hates the dark and being alone.
Looks: Dawn wears a black t-shirt, blue skinny jeans, and nikeys. She has a white head band and a necklace that has angel wings. 
Gender: Female
Treated: Bullied, abused, has been cheated on, has been on the streets before, her mom has ditched before, has almost been killed, and she gets made fun of.
Other: Has tried doing suicied, has almost done drags, and she allways thinks it's her fault her dad died. She gets emotional and has trust issuses.

2000 Post,
Storm of tears.
8:03 pm

So baby hang on
I'm coming after you, I'm diving overboard
Any moment we could lose it
I'm coming after you, I'm diving overboard
I'm diving overboard,
off the edge

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