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Deserted RP

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I looked around the plane. It had been a few hours. I yawned. Only two more hours. I looked around again. Things felt weird.

I yawned. I was a little tired. I began to hum a soft tne to keep myself awake.

Deserted RP

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November, 2012
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Joanna: I looked around as my feet rested on the seat beside me. Empty.  I was supposed to be travelling with a friend but due to something happening in her family she cancelled last minute and I had a spare seat

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Deserted RP

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May, 2013
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Things were okay so far, no one had said a thing to me. I got bored so I looked outside the window, we were high, very high. There were some birds and some smok. Smok?! I got closer to the window. There was smok coming out of the wing. I didn't know if it was supposed to be like that or if something was wrong but who should I tell. I decided to tell whoever heard me."There's smok coming out of the wing!" (Sorry they don't accept the word smok with an e, in anyway I put it)

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Deserted RP

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Hopping off the side of the chopper, I noticed something near the tail. It was thin metal that looked lose. Grabbing it and pulling, It slid right off.... It didnt seem to big. It still passed inspection.

"Time to wash down the birds." I called out to some guys waiting off to the side. The sun beating down on our backs. Although the uniforms did well to keep the heat out, It was still almost unbearable.

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