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[please talk in the first person. ex-i looked at the tree. not yournamehere looked at the tree.]
this rp has extreme voilence. please be at lease 11 before joining this rp.

how to setup your RP bio- first, type [bio] then use this layout:

RP name

RP age

race (any type of immortal or a mortal)

story (tell us your story!)

things about me

now that youve done that, go make your rp bio and begin!

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Name: Allison Heart

Age: 18

Race: Greek demi-god, daughter of Hephaestus 

Story: I lived with my mom, step dad, and step brother until I was 12 and found out I was a daughter of Hephaestus. I lived on my own the rest of my life and bought my own house when I was 15 and got enough money. Many people have tried hunting me down but I have fought them all off and I'm always being cautious because I never know when they are going to strike.

Things About Me: I don't trust many people but if I do trust you don't lose it or you might not get it back. I always carry two Machetes and a Pistol with me for protection.

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