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                                                   Howling at the moon!

As a horrified Kazia Maidenheart stepped towards the towering cave a cold shiver crawled up her spine.  Suddenly, there was a loud howling sort of noise. Kazia was not alone...


Pls carry on my story and make it as interesting as poss. When u have finished that paragraph or your part of the story put your username. Thx!! = )

P.S Pls don't edit someone elses great work!!!

If u r kind u r great! Pls add me if u r great!


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Kazia heard a rustling in the bushes and a howl that sounded really close to where she was located. Kazia became very frightend and alone. As she paniced all Kazia could think of is run...and she did.

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But as Kazia ran she quickly remembered whatever it may be could possibly be faster than her, after all, she was human and the creature wasn't nearly as close to be human. As Kazia thought about this she heard heavy panting behind her. Kazia became even more freightened and started to run even faster. But as she was running she tripped. Kazia began to feel pain in her left ankle. As kazia sat than she heard heavy footsteps coming closer. All Kazia could think about was 'This is the end' but as the creature approached she heard distant noises in the background, and as Kazia heard these noises she knew the only tthing she could do.......scream...... what happens next? You decide post the rest of the story bye!

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