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I have recently finished the anime series Mirai Nikki and have really wanted to RP it.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      PLOT: Deus has just started the survival games and everyone is getting ready to kill.                                                              


Rules: RP rules apply. No godmodding.   No unnatural charactaristics ie.... yuno saying she hates yukki

Avaible spots:
Gasai Yuno <taken by yours truely>
Amano Yukiteru
Takao Hiyama
Kuruso Keigo
Reisuke Houjou
Tsubaki Kusugano
Marco Ikusaba
Ai Mikami
Kamado Ueshita
Uryuu Minene
Karyuudo Tsukishima
John Balks
Yomotsu Hirasaka

so i guess i start   

Yuno sat there. staring at her parents in the cage. "Mommy, Daddy" She hears something but blames her imagination. She continues talking to her parents "We could have been a happy family" This time she is too late. The strange footsteps are right beside her, she barely has time to think before the axe it brought down on her " Help me, Amano-Kun

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