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"Well thank you sir, would you like to join me and my parents for dinner? I'm sure my father would want to meet you." I smiled at him daintily, before looking around and noticing that almost every eye was on them, and it made her blush. She leaned into him slightly "But you might want to decide quickly, it appears we're being watched." I giggled nervously.

Just a cut
Just a scratch
"Whats that mark?"
"It was the cat."
Just an excuse
Just a lie
"What's with the bracelets?"
"Just fasion why?"
Just a tear
Just a scream
"Why are you crying?"
"Just a bad dream."
But it's not just a cut or a tear or a lie
It's always 'Just one more' until you DIE

-Anti Bullying-

Posted almost 5 years ago

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Valentine chuckled and nodded, "Well,  of course. What kind of man would refuse an offer to spend more time with a lovely young thing such as yourself? "

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