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Beautiful Hatred. (Always open ATJ)

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Posted almost 5 years ago

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Well......I know this should be in the fantasy one, but it came to me while I was in this one.

This is A spinoff of Beautiful Creatures, made After Ethan and Lena have one single child. Sarafine's spirit is still out there, and more powerful than ever. After Ethan died -for the second and last and final time- Abraham knew now, that nothing could stop him. He, as an Incubus, Would resurrect himself, and then sarafine, to wreck havoc upon The mortals. It is coming up to Lena' s child's sixteenth moon, and Rosa Carter Duchannes, Does not know what will become of Her Home, Family, Friends, And Pet raccoon Riley. With the help of her aunt Ridley, uncle Link, Her mother, and the few friends she's shared the secret of being a caster with, They will find a way to destroy Abraham and Sarafine for good.

(I have Absolutley no rules. And I GET TO BE ROSA!!!!!)

My forms:

Name: Rosa Carter Duchannes
Age: 15
Looks: Has curly blonde hair like her mother, but Ethan' s Baby blue eyes. She is curvy, and has Lena' s birthmark of a crescent moon on her chest.
Caster or human: Is half caster half human, so she won't have to become light or dark. It's her choice
​Personality: Like Ethan, she is rebellious and outgoing. She is kind, caring and immature.
Bio: (optional)
IF caster, Light or dark?: She chooses the be light.

Name: Riker Smith
Age: 16
Looks: He has Shaggy strawberry blonde hair that falls into his deep green eyes. He is thin, and tall but muscular at the same time. He has freckles on the apples of his cheeks.
Caster or human?: Human
Personality: Is shy, and a loner. He is often paranoid. He is Rosa' s best friend but nothing more. Around some people, he can be outgoing, and quite funny. He is pure Lena, even though they aren't related in any way.
IF caster Light or dark?: N/A
Other: N/A

You guys can just copy my forms. But nit my characters. If you do I will kick you out of this rp. Thanks! ^_^

if our love is Insanity, why are you my Clarity?

I am a death weapon!!

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