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I need roleplay help- with a charater and a name!

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Posted over 4 years ago

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HI. please help. I RP alot and i'm starting some new charaters. FIRST, I have a girl charater whos very shy and quiet, but she needs some type of issue or baggadge that made her so reserved (im thinking she used to be fun and outgoing... then maybe something happend and all her friends left her, and some family issue too? i don't know)

also i need a name for a badboy charater, any suggestions?

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Posted over 4 years ago

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Ooh I will so totally help you. but do you have anymore information on looks? how do your characters look like? 

girl names: Olivia, Shay, Julie, Karlie, Willow, Emalyn, Laurel
baggage: pregnancy, used to be rich then her father died and she became poor, orphan, adopted, foster child, has killed someone before (okay yea it sounds melodramatic, but you can say it was self defense and everyone else saw it as murder)

bad boy names: Ash, Emmet, Brett, Sterling, Damien, 

Once you pick a name I can come up with a middle name and last name, and optional nickname. Give me a picture or description of her looks. 

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Posted over 4 years ago

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hi Peaceloveb6, well....... how about Murphy or fergus or maybe Tommy if you like. I've been RP'ing a lot lately so can i give you some tips?

1. ok don't name the badboy an english name like Edward or Henry because it won't suit the character.

2. for the girl maybe you can say that her dad and mom keep on fighting so she is distracted and reserved.

3. or you can say that her friends have all gone to different countries and she has no friends. 

i hope my tips helped you! 
xx Lexie

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