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When the world is gone. (OPEN-SOMEWHAT ADVANCED)

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Posted over 4 years ago

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"When the world is gone.
and only some remain
where will you be?
Not human, it seems."

The world has ended...Or at least on the verge of ending.
an evil, unstoppable force came out of nowhere, and in a few instants, the earths oceans where almost completely drained. The Trees of the earth wilted, and grass covered with sand.

Most people panicked as the being crushed hospitals, and schools without lifting a finger, killing off 90% of the earths humans, only his servants remained..
They were the only humans that remained.
Some humans..The Force made a mistake..and changed them, wanting to create new servants, guards, warriors, to conquer other planets and civilizations...
only about 100 or so, but they were no longer human, they could do things he hadn't anticipated.
They broke out of the cages the force put them in, fleeing into the wasteland, some, who's minds were  turned into animals, simply ran, and fought with eachother.
Wheras some who's minds were damaged made groups, and went off to try to establish civilizations.
They probably died, but some, a few of their minds were untouched, some of the ones who still had humanity left went with the groups, well others just ran off like the beasts.
But a few stayed, and traveled together, and established the Saviors of the Earth.
You are one of these few.
Or maybe your not one of them already.
Maybe you went with the Beasts, or the savages, well, perhaps they will find you, and Take you in.

So. Yea, best I could come up with..
Here's some rules.
1. Make your form. DETAILED. Put Detailed in the password space if you read this.
(Jake used his powers to blow up the bad dudes without even looking at them cause he was amazing.)
3. Make a Person, not a character.

Past (Before the world ended):
What power or mutation happened to them?:
Any specialty they have?:
Weapon Preference?:
Anything else?:

How can I make you happy?

Posted over 4 years ago

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How can I make you happy?

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