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War of the worlds (Open RP, but ATJ)

Celebs cartoon
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Aliens. not real huh? just fiction? WRONGO! Aliens are invading earth! it's up to you, a teen who lives in Chicago, to fight back. bitter rivals must fight as one, to destroy these menaces. who knows, maybe there will be a romance? For certain, there WILL be fights, and there WILL be chaos. but for now, all humans must stick together.

1. no godmodding
2. no Mary Sues or Gary Stews.
3. No dying unless you consult me first, or you are going to make a comeback.
4. you may NOT have a super power, this isn't a Disney movie!
5. you may use swear words if you can get them past the filter.
6. you may have a pet.
7. romance is encouraged. (as long as it doesn't get graphic)
8. whatever I say GOES


Pet peeves:
Where they were when the aliens attacked:
Weapon of choice:


if our love is Insanity, why are you my Clarity?

I am a death weapon!!

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(May I join?)


Name: Ivy Darkness

Age: 15

Personality: Quiet,rude,mean, your everyday typical goth emo girl.

Looks:my profile pic

Pet peeves: Hates girly girls and people who act popular. It likes, "who cares if your popular or rich you should treat people the same!"

Where you were when the aliens attacked: At home doing home work because of her mean parents.

Weapon of choice: Knive she got from a friend when she was 6.

Bio: (DO I have to? I'm not very good at doing these but I'll try my best.) Ivy was 6 when she got a weapon. A kive from a friend. Her frined died later on when Ivy was 8 and ever since she has been moody and even tried suicide more than 3 times.

Other: Likes an emo goth guy. (Any takers??????)

Posted over 4 years ago

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Name: Luna Bloom

Age: 16

Ditzy, Funny, Forgetful, Sweet, 
Random, Timid, Loving,
Stern, Rude (sometimes :3)


Pet peeves:
People who are Obnoxious
& Pushy
People who dont think before they
& being Forgotten

Where she was:
She was in her room with her cat Salem
While her family was out

Weapon of choice:
High caliber rifle
and Katana

She was bored of everyday life she was just an
ordinary girl that loved cats and staying indoors
So when something big and dangerous arised she 
was scared. 

Has a black sleek cat named


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